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Lead with that. Then, when someone asks how on earth music composed by Jim Steinman and made famous by Meat Loaf could possibly be shoe-horned into a musical, you can inform them that the album Bat Out Of Hell was originally developed from a musical – a futuristic, rock version of Peter Pan (okay, it sounds strange but it just kind of works).

Tiny ballet shoes and tight hair buns are the strongest memories of my childhood. From a young age, I wanted to be a ballerina (as many young girls do) but I was lucky enough to join classes and make my dream a reality. My parents, supportive in all my artistic endeavours, enrolled me for ballet classes at the age of four and that’s where the magic began. Ballet and Modern Dance became a weekly part of my life, a social space where I could hang out with my friends and a place where I could learn new ways of artistic expression.

In truth, theatre is something that only really fell into my life about two years ago. I’d seen a few shows prior, and grown up with a few musical movies, but for some reason I’d just never been overly exposed to theatre. I think I also had a bit of preconceived idea that it wasn’t for me, due to some negative stigma I’d heard like, “Why do people randomly burst into song though? What’s the point?” 

The stars came out to shine in full force for London Theatre Direct's lavish Birthday party at Cafe de Paris on Thursday 3rd August to mark the company's 18th birthday.   London Theatre Direct threw the glittering event both as a celebration and also a thank you to their extended West End family.  The star-studded charity gala event was held in conjunction with the Make A Difference Trust, which raises money to fight HIV and AIDS in the UK and sub-Saharan Africa.

Doctor Who favourite Freema Agyeman is currently starring alongside Tony and Emmy Award winner Stockard Channing, Downtown Abbey's Laura Carmichael, The Last Kingdom's Joseph Millson and Olivier Award winner Desmond Barrit in Alexi Kaye Campbell's Apologia.   Wickedly funny but packing a real bite, the play about a family and its layers of secrets is directed by the Trafalgar Studios' fairy godfather Jamie Lloyd.   We caught up with Freema to chat about her experience.

Gin & Juice at Jay's! On a balmy July evening in London, I had the pleasure of attending the residence of the charismatic Jay Gatsby for a night of decadent partying. I was looking forward to having the ability to immerse myself in all that theatre has to offer. Upon entering the secret location I was handed a Copperhead Gin in the 1920's Speakeasy, women in Flappers dresses and men in bow ties and waistcoats greeted me ready for a night's entertainment. Calls of "c'mon in guys, can I get you a drink, hey, good to see you" were welcoming and all inclusive.

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